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So! Why purchase these images when there are lots of other sites advertising free stock photos and I can just copy and paste any of the millions that are on the internet?  I think there’s a good chance that this is the question that would immediately spring into many people’s minds regarding this service and it’s a perfectly valid one too.

A quick word about the issue of copyright first.

By default, copyright exists on every and any original image that is produced by a photographer and is owned by them unless they were employed to take the photo and an agreement specifies that the copyright is owned by the employer. Anyone who copies or downloads a photo protected by copyright and uses it without the consent or authorisation of the owner infringes that copyright law and could be taken to court and a claim for financial damages made against them.

Having said that, we’ve probably all copied pictures off the internet from time to time and the law is pretty weak in the UK (not so in the US where the law against copyright is much stronger). As one can imagine, the legal process here is cumbersome and lengthy and the amount of damages actually received at the end could be miniscule compared to the legal costs. However, the fact remains that, if I saw one of my photos being used in a book that had been used without my permission and hadn’t been paid for, I’d be pretty miffed about it as I’m sure most photographers would be. I certainly wouldn’t ignore the issue. 

So, getting back to the original question, why would you want to buy my photos?

1.) Uniqueness

Every photo has a unique quality about it but some more than others. It can be the subject, the location or the circumstances in which the photo was taken. It’s probably fair to say that a photo taken half way up a Venezuelan Plateau Mountain (Tepui) like the one above has more value attributed to it than a photo of a pet dog taken in the local park. The time, effort and expense incurred in getting to a remote part of the world and trekking for 2 days should attach more value to the image. An extreme example, maybe, but one that makes the point.

2.) Quality

Many royalty free stock photos are actually vector art or low resolution images. All the images displayed on my site have been taken with a professional level Nikon DSLR and lenses. Most of them started life in RAW format and have been converted to high resolution JPEG format in the post-processing workflow.

3.) Purchase / Licensing Options

There are, generally, two options in which the stock images here can be purchased or licensed.

  •  Personal Use: If you're a private individual who would like to use one or more of the photos for personal use such as printing off and framing, for a school/college project or just to have as desktop wallpaper, you can purchase the photo with a one-off payment by selecting the "Personal Use" option.
  • Rights Managed: This option should be chosen by organisations who wish to use the photo for commercial purposes such as for a publication, calendar, etc. 

The stock images also play another important role and that is to act as a portfolio of my work. They demonstrate what I am capable of producing with a camera in the hope that you draw an opinion that I am worthy of offering the services I do as a photographer.